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Meet Our Friendly Team Of Doctors Regarding Any Kind Of Disease Treatment

Our Medical Team Treats Patients From 87 countries

Our Team Supports Patients With A Range Of Diseases

Our Telemedicine Centre Remains Open 8 AM to 8 PM - 7 Days A Week

Our Clinics Are Located In India, London, UK And New Jersey, USA

Telemedicine Option To continue Your Treatment After Your Clinic Visit

We provide Advanced Homeopathic Treatment At Our clinic

Get Your Treatment From A Team And Not A Person

The Clinic And The Team Has Been Created By Dr. Paramesh Banerji

Treatment Without Side Effects

Our Medical Team Will Provide You With Treatment To The Same Excellent Standard At Every Location


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    Reporting At The Front Desk

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    Initial Case Taking

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    Consulting A Senior Medical Officer

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    Usage Instructions

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    Telemedicine: A Continuous Support


Begin Your Treatment With Us
We have treated patients from more than 87 countries and thousands of Indian towns and cities. You are very welcome too.
Millions of prescription have been served from our clinics since our first clinic was opened by Dr. Pareshnath Banerji, grandfather of Dr. Paramesh Banerji in 1918. 
Our primary aim is to provide you with safe, innovative homeopathic treatment. 
We implement disease specific treatment protocols a concept within homeopathic treatment pioneered by us.
We are recognised specialists in the homoeopathic treatment of complicated and difficult diseases.



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