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at the Dr. P. Banerji's Advanced Homeopathy Clinics



Several thousand women who had a gynecological disorder have visited our clinics in West Bengal. Many report that they themselves

chose us because someone they know talked about their problems and recommended us for our advanced homeopathy expertise.  

So we receive enquiries every day from women who:


May be in severe or mild acute or chronic pain in their abdomen or lower back, or during sex or

menstruation (or have abnormal bleeding) or breast tenderness.

May have problems with urination or may have nausea (vomiting) are concerned about weight gain.


May be concerned about becoming or being infertile are concerned about surgery.


Who want to avoid having to undergo a hysterectomy.


Who are concerned about the effects of HRT.




When do people consider Advanced Homeopathy?


Some women will take homeopathy from us at the same time as they undergo conventional methods, or as they wait for other treatments.

Others will elect for homeopathy exclusively. These are the main reasons people give: safety of homeopathy; effectiveness; and being

complementary (meaning they can have additional care at the same time).


However, if our doctor thinks that homeopathy may not be appropriate for your expectations, they will inform you during your initial consultation.

But most frequently our homeopathy may be a good choice for you and this will be discussed with you so that you can make a fully informed

decision. So, during your initial consultation, our doctor will go through your case specifically with you, including possible outcomes for you.


The Dr. P. Banerji Clinics are guided by the leading edge research of Paramesh Banerji’s Advanced Homeopathic Protocols. Across several

years of research and practice, successful homeopathy protocols have been established for Ovarian Cysts and other gynecological problems.


An important quality is that we exclusively recommend and provide the proprietary Dr. P. Banerji advanced homeopathic medicines which we

believe provide the best outcomes.


Our Care To You

If you elect to take out treatment, the process for ovarian cysts begins with:


 A systematic case taking, capturing the medical circumstances of the patient including the results of the latest

medical investigations (if none have been done, our consultant may recommend to undergo certain investigations).


The creation of a treatment strategy for the patient which aims to:

1: Progressively reduce the size of the ovarian cyst.

2: Address and mitigate the symptoms the patient is experiencing owing to the ovarian cyst.




 Our treatment process for ovarian cysts comprises:


A systematic case taking, capturing the medical circumstances of the patient including the results of the latest medical investigations (if none have been done, our consultant may recommend to undergo certain investigation).

After your treatment begins, over several months, the doctor continues to monitor your progress and adjust the homeopathic formulations as appropriate. To achieve this we use our Treatment Response Monitoring Process. This comprises:




What to expect once you submit the form:


Once you have submitted the form, one of our Contact Centre Executives will call you within 24 hours (48hrs at the weekend) to help you take an appointment at our centre on an available date and time that is suitable to you. They will guide you through the different type of appointments and their corresponding date, time, fees, etc., where you can meet our doctors. They will present a number of options so that you face absolutely no difficulty in starting your treatment with us.


What to expect when you visit our clinic for your appointment:

We would highly recommend that you bring all the available medical investigation reports of the patient. These will help our doctors in devising a treatment strategy accordingly.

 You should report to the Clinic Front Desk where our Clinic Attendants will guide you through all the required formalities and show you to the appropriate waiting area. (We would request you to avoid reaching late as it would cause an unnecessary delay in us attending you as soon as possible). At the appropriate time, the usher will take you to  the case taking medical officer, who will talk to you about the condition and will study your reports.



 Next you will be asked to wait for a while so that the medical officer can prepare your case history document. The usher will take you to the waiting area for the consulting doctor or for Dr. P. Banerji himself (depending on appointment type you have chosen).



 When everything is ready, you will be taken by the usher to the consulting doctor or to Dr. P. Banerji.



 When your consultation is finished, the usher will take you to Dispensary waiting area. Whilst you are waiting there for your medicines to be picked, a medical officer will be preparing the medicine usage instructions appropriate for your prescription.



 When your turn arrives, you will need to approach the Medicine Counter from where you will be provided with our advanced homoeopathy medicines along with a detailed document that will contain the list of medicines given to you and instructions regarding how to use them. We would suggest that you go through that document once before leaving the clinic so that you may clarify any confusion that may arise regarding taking our medicines.



 We receive numerous patients at our centre on a daily and timely basis who come to meet our doctors. We would therefore request your patience and co-operation so that we may serve you in the best possible manner.




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